Our Mission: To bridge the CAD/CAE Education Gap
Fastway bridges Academia Industry Gap

We leverage the latest CAD/CAE software, to bridge the education gap between Academia and Industry

What is the CAD/CAE Education Gap?
In Mechanical Engineering, the academic world focuses on the theories behind engineering. It is imperative that students fully grasp these fundamentals, before they can understand how to apply them to real world problems. However, the industry operates almost entirely on the application of these theories. As a result, there is a gap between what engineering graduates know, and what hiring companies need them to know. CAD/CAE represents the bridge across this gap, where the math meets the machine. We are striving to be the best CAD/CAE education company in the world.
So, how are we doing that?
By making Designers better Decision Makers through Project Based Learning (PBL).

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In its simplest form, the design process is just a series of decisions - How big to make a part? What material or manufacturing process should we use to build the part? How many parts per assembly? Instead of relying on opinion or intuition, using CAD/CAE software offers a proven method for answering these questions. At Fastway Engineering, we teach you how to leverage the mathematics of CAD/CAE to make better, more objective decisions during your design process. Fastway's classes use a Project-Based Learning (PBL) Method, built around open ended problems thus promoting problem-solving, teamwork, and ultimately facilitating a deeper understanding of how to apply these powerful tools. Our classes are approximately 25% theory and 75% application, therefore we don't teach you how to "point and click", we teach you how to become a better decision maker. To accomplish this, we've created our own agnostic (software independent) curriculum that uses proven PBL methods. This means each lesson includes a project - an open ended problem that must be solved. This promotes critical thinking and teamwork, both skills that are necessary to succeed in the product development workforce. Each class also includes a "design competition" as well. (We are particularly supportive of competition-based learning, such as the Formula SAE program, of which we are a volunteer judge and a lecturer). Most CAD/CAE classes are boring and book-based, and utilize a "watch me then repeat" type of approach. Although this may be effective for young children with developing brains,  it is NOT the most effective way to teach adults.

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What you need to know:

Our Training Solutions and Design and Analysis Services are better than the VAR's.

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We specialize in creating Training Solutions, both custom-built and pre-designed, for a wide variety of organizations. We work closely with IT, Engineering, Operations, and Management, because a truly effective CAD/CAE design environment requires everybody's support. Remember: Engineering is an investment!

We practice what we preach, so we are always testing our own methods by providing Design and Analysis Services. This forces us to constantly reassess our methods as we repeatedly establish the quickest and most accurate ways to use CAD/CAE software. These methods are then merged back into our curriculum, so we are always teaching the best possible approaches.

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Jim Shaw Founder Fastway Engineering"As a designer, analyst, and former CAD/CAE administrator, I've seen first hand how important it is to stay at the forefront of digital design technology. It is our mission to bring that to every student, maker, designer, engineer, analyst, and manufacturer in the world." - Managing Director, Jim Shaw

Our classes are different. See for yourself.