CAD CAE Training

Fastway CAD CAE Training

You want to be a better designer, and we want to help.

Your job is to create optimized geometry as quickly as possible – then build it, verify it, and put it into production profitably. This is just a series of decisions. Therefore, becoming a better designer involves becoming a better decision maker. Our CAD/CAE training classes will get you there.

Anywhere. Anytime. Always up to date.

Our students get permanent access to our innovative project-based classwork because it’s all hosted online. Rather than printing out lesson books (which are immediately out of date) our digital classes are always up to date. This is especially true with Cloud-based tools like Simscale and Onshape, where updates occur almost monthly. We’ll come teach you and your team at your facility, or nearby in any one of our thousands of high-tech partner facilities around the world.

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Generate designs that are lighter, stronger, and last longer by simulating structural and thermal physics.
Motion & Mechanisms
Develop the highest performing mechanisms by becoming an expert in Kinematics and Dynamics.
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Create "bulletproof" CAD models by learning the best practices in Parametric 3D CAD Modeling.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Optimize the fluid flow in and around your product to increase its performance and reliability.

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