Fluid Simulation

First of all, a Fluid Analysis uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze an entire fluid volume. In most cases, a designer will extract the fluid fluid volume from the CAD software, and then import it into the CFD analysis software. Next, assign inlets and outlets are via known velocity, flow rate, or pressure values. Finally, establish walls around the fluid. The software will then solve for the velocities and pressures at every point in the fluid, and these quantities are post processed using a variety of methods. One of the hardest parts of a CFD analysis is clearly communicating the results to others.

With Computational Power Comes Complexity

Additionally, a CFD analysis is more complex than that of FEA. This is because a solid is a solid, but a fluid can be many things – Its density can vary (compressibility), it’s viscosity can vary (non-Newtonian), and the flow can be laminar, turbulent, or even transition from one to the other.  In many cases, it is common to include solid volumes as well as fluid volumes in the analysis, thus determining the forces acting upon our structures. Heat transfer is common.

Better Than the Real Thing?

The power of a CFD analysis is its ability to visualize the full flow field, which is nearly impossible to do empirically. For many situations, measuring the fluid flow is conducted by submerging the sensors into the flow, therefore introducing error into the test. Industries such as Aerospace and Motorsports conduct CFD analyses in parallel to comprehensive testing programs, thus giving designers the full picture of the fluid flow.

Additionally, as with FEA, CAD and CFD software couple together so a full-scale Design of Experiments (DOE) maybe be conducted automatically. Thus, with this approach, a design is optimized in the least amount of time.

How We Do CFD Analysis

The process is simple: Send us your CAD data, and then we will analyze it and report back to you with the results in a professional report. It’s like a test service only smarter, faster, and cheaper. Don’t believe us? Ask us for a quote, and we’ll prove it to you.

Finally, all CFD analysis quotes are custom tailored to your project, and they are “fixed price”. Therefore, you never pay any more than what’s on the quote. Guaranteed.

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