Structural Simulation

First of all, a Stress Analysis uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine the deflections that a design undergoes for a given environment. It does this be combining the geometry, the constraints (also known as boundary conditions) and the loads such as external forces, moments, and accelerations, so these must be known (either measured or estimated) beforehand. From the deflection, we then calculate strain and finally stress. Finally, the stress is compared to the yield stress of the material, resulting in a Safety Factor (a ratio). The Safety Factor is a valuable tool for designers, because it is used to predict the performance and reliability of a design.

Many Applications

Also, the complexity of a stress analysis can range from a simple static analysis of a single part to a transient dynamic analysis of a large assembly with geometric and material nonlinearities. Therefore, depending on the application, FEA can take up a little or a lot of the product Development Lifecycle. At Fastway Engineering, our specialty is dynamic analysis, because we have many years of experience designing a variety of products for shock and vibration.

Recent Advancements

Historically, many idealizations and assumptions were utilized because the analysis would solve in a reasonable amount of time, however, this has recently changed. The hardware capability (especially with SaaS/Cloud platforms) has now caught up with our demand for simulation detail. Right now, the best practice involves importing the 3D CAD model directly into the analysis environment with very little simplification, since the software communicates directly.

Finally, many CAD and FEA software programs fully couple, thus full scale Design of Experiments (DOE) are conducted easily. With this approach, a design is optimized in the least amount of time.

How We Do Stress Analysis

The process is simple: Send us your CAD data, and then we will analyze it and report back to you with the results in a professional report. It’s like a test service only smarter, faster, and cheaper. Don’t believe us? Ask us for a quote, and we will prove it to you.

Finally, all stress analysis quotes are custom tailored to your project, and they are “fixed price”. Therefore, you never pay any more than what’s on the quote. Guaranteed.

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