CAD/CAE Services


First of all, we specialize in working with companies who are NEW to Engineering Simulation, that’s because we spend a lot of time listening to Makers, Entrepreneurs, Designers, and Engineers who are climbing that learning curve. The way things are designed is constantly changing, therefore the Engineering Simulation industry will always be growing. New languages, cutting edge platforms, and lean workflows are being created on a daily basis, so we listen to the Industry for the latest tools. Our CAD/CAE services always include educating our clients on the current state of the art, due to our close ties to Academia.


Secondly, we have created an innovative curriculum to deliver the most engaging project-based CAD/CAE training in the world. We teach designers to be better decision makers, thus leaving a larger impact on their project, and their organization. To learn more about our unique training classes, check out our CAD/CAE classes.


Finally, we provide Engineering Simulation CAD/CAE services, focusing on Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, and Heat Transfer. Since everything is digital, we can create almost any environment, from harsh operating conditions to millions of cycles in a matter of minutes. We investigate design concepts, anticipate failure modes, and analyze levels of detail that physical testing just cannot accomplish, because we use the latest software and best practices.

Ultimately, time is money, so contact us today to learn how we can help you find the best way. The Fast Way.

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